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Top Five Websites for Creating a Free Logo Design Online

Free Logo Design Online

Create a Free Logo Design Online

The logo is the visual representation of your company. Through it, consumers will recognize you among competitors. A good logo is also an important ally for brand promotion, both online and offline.

The logo can be applied to the product box, the Post Office etiquette, a thank you letter, social network, website and other exposure channels to customers.

However, for a logo to fulfill its role, it must present harmony of colors and elements, be easily understandable and obviously be unpublished.

Therefore, creating a logo is essential for brand recognition. For someone who has limited graphics skills, here’s a list of solutions and services that can help you get a free logo design online without delay or excessive spending.

5 Free Tools for Logo Design Online

1) DesignEvo Online Logo Maker

designevo logo maker

The company specializes in the creation of logos over the internet. With it, making company logo, app logo, website logo, social media profile logo is a breeze!

There are over 5000 built-in templates available to help you creating your own logo in a minute. All of them are 100% customizable and you can edit the color, style, size, and position of each element on it. You are also offered with millions of icons and many shapes that you can add to your logo.

You are not required to create an account to download free logos. With a few mouse clicks, you can make a professional grade logo.

2) Shopify Logo Creator


This tool will require greater commitment and dedication from the users since everything needs to be done on their own. On the other hand, you will have no cost to create a logo!

Simply access the platform, enter the name of your business and choose an icon that represents the business well. There are some color options, shapes, and fonts that can be applied. Although a little more limited, it is an ideal tool for those who still can not afford to invest anymore.

3) Online Logo Maker


This is another platform that allows the users to create and customize a logo as they wish. This online logo maker is highly intuitive and has more customization options.

There is a wide range of icons that can be incorporated into the logo, as well as various options for font customization, color and text positioning. The finished logo can be exported for free in a resolution of up to 300 pixels.

4) Logaster


By using Logaster the user has a more automated process for creating a logo. Just enter the name of the company and indicate the segment of activity of the business. Following are several concepts that combine text and image. Once the concept has been chosen, it is possible to make additional customizations in the shape, color, and position of the logo.

The logo in reduced size is free, but more full options require payment. It is possible to generate a logo with 5000 pixels of resolution, as well as the customization of a business card, envelope, letterhead, and others.

5) Free Logo Services


Free Logo Services is an alternative to Logaster. It also creates logos based on the information provided by the user, in an automated way. The platform makes combinations and allows you to choose the one you like the most. There are some more full color and format customization options.

The above list makes it clear that there is no reason for a virtual business to go unmarked. The ideal before using any of these services is to create a concept and set some preferences, such as a color palette. So the process of choice and decision will be much easier. After that, just apply the logo on as many spaces as possible and reap the positive results for the business!

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