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How to create a simple yet effective logo for your Business?

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 Logo Design Tips

A strong logo design represents your brand identity. Logos act as a symbol to reflect your brand and inform the customers about your business products and services. If you take an example of the popular brand logos like Apple, Nike, and Pepsi you would know how these companies have designed a simple yet effective logo that has proven to be successful. These logos have created their identity in the market and people can easily recognize it with the symbol. A logo is an integral part of the success of the business, it is what that attract customers toward your business. Creating a good business logo is very beneficial and effective for the success of the company.

Business Logo Design Tips

A logo should be designed in such a way that it’s simple and visually appealing to the audience. You should ensure making a first great impression as the logo will be the first thing a visitor will see when they visit you for the first time. The logo of your business has great potential to affect the people’s perception of your business and convince the user to make the decision to purchase from you. In this article, we will take you through a guideline to keep in mind when designing your logo.

7 Guidelines to follow while Designing a Logo

Here we have listed tips to design a business logo.

1. Know your audience

Know your audience

Before jumping onto designing a logo, you need to first look at the audience. A logo is designed to serve people, therefore, you need to know your targeted audience of the logo. The aim here is to attract the potential customers and appeal them from your design. Before working on your marketing strategies examine the audience your business is planning to target and then work accordingly. Design the logo that strikes straight to the audience’s eye.

2. Create a simple yet unique logo


Having a simple logo is essential but more than that it should be unique. You must take simplicity and uniqueness hand in hand making sure your logo stands out from the crowd. You can take a look at your competitors’ logo to see what’s trending in the market and then accordingly decide what new idea to introduce in the market. Keep in visually clean and appealing and make sure you have a unique concept behind it that hasn’t existed before.

3. Don’t overuse colors


When creating your brand’s identity, you need to take every step carefully. Color specification is important especially when you have a message to present to the users. Some people might prefer bright colors that have a high chance of grabbing viewer’s attention whereas some people might choose soft colors. Having a proper understanding of the use of colors is needed. In addition, don’t use more than two colors.

4. Use typeface to your logo


There are many examples of logos that have great typeface. For example Coca-Cola, Nokia, Samsung, Facebook etc. having clear typeface. You need to work on your typeface to give your logo an attractive touch and make it look appealing. Never think typeface can’t make a difference when it really can. Use an eye-catching typeface by using a great font that best suits your business personality.

5. Create a timeless logo design

A logo should be designed that is timeless. You don’t want to design a logo that needs an update after some time or a redesign to make it look appealing. Avoid designing a logo with the latest trends that you think is going to get outdated after some time.  Stick to the design you believe is going to last forever. A timeless logo can save your time and money. Therefore, create a timeless logo. And if you believe your logo needs a redesign, make some minor changes to give it a fresh look.

6. Make an appropriate logo

A logo should be designed appropriately for its prospective clients. It should represent what the business is all about in a mannerly way. A restaurant should be representing a logo that has food, a clothing store should show clothes or anything relevant. Being relevant is not necessary as some of the famous logo designs don’t represent the exact picture.

7. Ensure a versatile logo


Another requirement is a logo should be simple yet versatile. It should not be complicated or it may lose its credibility in the market. A versatile logo can be designed with black and white color. A complex logo will not be visibility clear and may look odd to the viewer’s eye. Therefore, create a logo that is versatile and leaves a memorable impression on the audience.


A logo is judged on the basis of simplicity and uniqueness. So make sure it has a unique concept to present to the users. Keep these handy tips in mind to ensure a sleek logo design that is relevant to your targeted audience.


Author Bio: Jackie Mathew is a US-based designer having over 6 years experience. Jackie specializes in graphic design, logo design, web design, and much more. He has a keen interest in blogging and loves to write about design topics. Currently, he has been working at a Logo design service company in Singapore.

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