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Top 6 SolarMovie Alternative Sites 2021

solarmovie alternative site

The appeal for solarmovies is slowly fading away. Various internet service providers have banned sites like solarmovie. Many a time, the site has caused problems like the server being down. It has caused many streamers to look for alternatives. Solarmovie alternative site are just as good as solarmovies with free streaming and HD quality. The user can get in trouble using an unauthorized and unlicensed site to watch free movies and TV shows.

So, it is advisable to use a VPN like NordVPN for safe streaming by hiding your identity, keeping the government off your back, and many more ways. Solarmovies have been down nowadays, and streaming on it has been extremely difficult. There are many alternate sites the user can visit for free streaming.

The Best SolarMovie Alternative Site 2021

The following list shows what alternative solarmovies sites are best for the user and how to ensure that no one steals the user’s identity by using NordVPN.

1. PrimeWire

Although PrimeWire does not have appealing designs like solarmovies. But it can be considered one of the best alternatives for solarmovies as it has an extraordinary quantity of contents and HD quality. Its primitive design can be due to it being an old website. But this also ensures that it has contents that world rival solarmovies.

Its biggest drawback is that it needs registration for streaming, although the registration is free. There is a sorting system used to sort movies according to the user. That makes sure the user binge-watches the movies and TV shows. They also have an IMDB rating displayed on the top of the thumbnails. That can ensure the user has a proper review of any movie or TV series.

2. GoMovies

GoMovies is considered very similar to SolarMovies as they have the same design for every dropdown menu and the display screen. It has an interesting feature of dark mode that decreases stress in the user’s eyes while watching movies at night. Although some consider the site to have been closed down, many clone sites with the same name and different providers have turned up to compensate for the vacancy.

It is a subsidiary of the site 123movies that itself has its country of origin as Vietnam. Since the contents are similar to SolarMovies, the user is assured that there are plenty of movies and TV shows to stream.

3. MovieWatcher

Just like GoMovies, MovieWatcher is also considered not working for the time being. Nonetheless, the site has a very dense amount of movies and TV shows worldwide. It has a section called Coming Soon, which helps in being hyped up for the upcoming movies. Various servers help to switch to other servers so that the user’s connection is always kept intact.

Not to mention the fact that it has HD services and design which is easy to access. It has a free but mandatory registration, after which searching, sorting, and streaming is quite easy.

4. PutLocker

PutLocker is an excellent solarmovie alternatives website that provides plenty of choices for movies and TV shows. It is a user-friendly site and best alternative to YesMovies also. It has IMDB reviews that allow the user to have a proper idea of the movie and TV series before watching them.

One of the best features it has is to request movies and complain about anything wrong with the content like poor audio quality, incomplete content, or have broken or no download link. It has many dropdown menus that help in selecting the movies and TV series that the users love.

5. HouseMovies

Housemovies might not be as famous as the rest of the sites on the list. But it does not mean that the site has less content. The thing is that the site hides a lot of its content, and this makes it look as if they have very little content. One of the worst qualities the site has is that HouseMovies earns its revenues through advertisements.

Although the ads can be avoided by using VPNs, it still causes an inconvenience to the user. Their streaming quality is outstanding and is a very good alternative solarmovie site.

6. PutLockerWatch

PutLockerWatch is the best solarmovie alternative site out there. All of them are in high resolution. No ads to disturb the user. The download option is also available. There is also a safe option that protects children from any explicit content on the site. Despite having a lot of advantages, the site is not very well known.

Although the layout of the site is not quite good. But it makes up in content quantity and high quality of streaming.

What is SolarMovies?

SolarMovies is considered one of the top sites to visit for free online movie and TV series streaming. There is a wide variety of movies and TV series in high resolution. The solarmovie site has contents from various years and places like Japan, Chinese, Europe, the US, India, Korea, South America, Africa, and many more.

The structure of the solar movie is quite easy to access and has enticing descriptions and a user-friendly interface that ensures you become hooked on the site. It even has a free download feature and needs no free registration for it. There are many mirror proxy sites like,, and many more.

Why not visit SolarMovies without VPN?

There is a constant fear of getting into legal trouble by streaming free content from sites like solarmovies. Although solarmovies does not acquire its content illegally, the government does not care about that. They will try to track the user down. Also, many internet service providers have already banned solarmovies.

It makes the site inaccessible in many regions. So to ensure that the user has safe streaming and downloading without the fear of government interference and without the fear of exposing the user’s identity, it is best to use a VPN like NordVPN. NordVPN keeps the user safe, hides the user’s identity, and makes sure that there are no viruses or attacks from hackers taking place.

How to watch Solarmovies with VPN?

First, let’s start with the basics. Visit the site There on the first page, there would be a red icon about grabbing the deal. Click on that so that you can get a discount for purchasing NordVPN. They have various plans to choose from. There is a one-month plan for 11.95 dollars per month which unfortunately does not save much money. Then there is a one-year plan for 4.92 per month, which saves you 58 percent from the original price.

Lastly, there is a two-plan for 3.71 dollars per month, which saves 68 percent money. So after choosing a plan, select a payment method to pay for the VPN. They accept debit cards, credit cards, Paytm, cryptocurrencies, or any other electronic payment method. After that, make sure you download the right NordVPN for the operating system. Reboot the system, log in and start the NordVPN. Connect to any server and stream or download from solarmovies.

SolarMovies Alternative FAQs

Ques: What is SolarMovies?

Ans: Solarmovies is a free streaming website where the user can watch a lot of movies and TV series without any ad interruption and in high quality.

Ques: Why is SolarMovies not working?

Ans: Solarmovies is banned by many of the internet services providers, which might mean that you have the site banned by the ISPs. Also, sometimes the site servers are down. You can visit various alternative sites for free streaming.

Ques: How to have a secure connection to SolarMovies?

Ans: To have a secure connection to solarmovies, use NordVPN. NordVPN hides your identity from the outsiders and makes sure you are not infected with a virus.



To conclude, we can see that there are quite a lot of alternative solarmovies sites like primewatch, moviewatcher, putlocker, and many more. Therefore, there is no concern if the solarmovies site goes down. It does not mean we can visit other sites without using a VPN because they can be attacked by either the hacker or the government.

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