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5 Best Bollywood Torrent Sites (HD Movies)


We are all movie lovers. If you want to watch Bollywood movies that are released more or less ten years ago, the internet gives the way to download the movie and watch it in high-quality print. But most of the time, people find it difficult to search for a specific film, and sometimes the thumbnail fakes the original movie. Thus to download large files like movies, Torrent is the best site for people to download and watch easily.

But people may think about what the torrent site is and where to watch, download, and share large files among the systems. So here you can get detailed information about the Bollywood torrent site.

So, let’s dig in!!

What are the best Bollywood Movies Torrent Sites?

If you are a Bollywood movie lover, you can continuously visit and download hd torrent movies from these top five Bollywood torrents sites.

1. Hon3yHD- Private Torrent Movie Tracker

Hon3yHD is an Indian private torrent movie tracker that contains almost all the Bollywood movies with high quality to low quality. Hon3yHD tracker currently has the service to about 17500 peers and has uploaded nearly 14K files with good quality. The torrent file of the Hon3yHD includes the Hindi dubbed movies, series, popular shows, etc., with all quality.

The user can register to the Hon3yHD site and can download or share the torrents in all quality. Hon3yHD tracker contains a collection of all movies from old to new movies. They upload all the latest Bollywood movies immediately after the release of the film on Blu-Ray.

2. Rarbg- Bollywood Torrenting Sites

Rarbg is a torrent site started in 2008 that provides torrent files of several categories. The Rarbg allows the user to search for the targeted movie and view the information like a review, poster, cast, etc., then allows to download the film.

Rarbg provides the magnetic link that helps to share peer-to-peer. Although the Rarbg site has been blocked in several countries, it provides quality Bollywood movies for Indian people. The blocked sites can be accessed with the help of a VPN. Rarbg is a free site that provides a list of top movie torrents, which helps find and download latest Bollywood movies torrent from the first page.

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3. Torlock- Bollywood Movies Torrents

Torlock is the best torrent website to download movies and TV shows. Unlike other torrent sites, Torlock does not provide a category of torrent files like games, software, etc. Torlock is the best site for those who seek to download Bollywood movies and popular TV shows or series.

Torlock has provided a fast download of Bollywood movies for the past days, but now Torlock sites have been blocked in many countries, including India, due to internet piracy. If the Torlock official site is blocked, many alternatives are provided for the Torlock site movie download. People can use these mirror Torlock sites for movies download.

4. Zooqle- Best Movie Torrent Site

Zooqle is the torrent site that provides more number of verified torrents over the internet. Most of the posted Torrents at Zooqle are movies and popular Tv shows. Zooqle is unique from others by providing the proper listing or segregation of torrents that help people identify and download Bollywood movies.

The search option for the targeted torrent file will make the user reach the target file quickly and reduce the searching time. Zooqle has a feature that provides easy navigation of torrent files and less intrusion of advertisements.

5. Kickass Torrenz Bollywood

Kickass is the best torrent sites in India that provides both the files and the magnetic link for peer-to-peer sharing of torrents. Kickass becomes the more popular and most visited torrent site and stands high according to the Alexa rank. Kickass is revolving around different domain names like,,,, etc., after the U.S. government seized the kickass domain.

What is Bollywood Torrent Site?

Bollywood Torrent Site is the downloading and the sharing of the Bollywood movies, tv shows, series, etc., easily even with the slow net. The huge data can be easily searched and downloaded with the help of a torrent site. The Bollywood Torrenting Sites consists of all the Bollywood movies from the old to new films with all the quality from high to low.

Bollywood torrents sites help the Bollywood movie lover share the large file without being downloaded to the server. Although all the movies are scattered on the internet, it isn’t easy to find the correct movie link and download it on the DVD or Bluray. But the hindi movie torrenting sites provides the segregation of the entire movie’s magnetic links that help to make a quick search of the targeted movie in a short time and download it quickly. Choose the best Bollywood torrent site and download the specific Bollywood movie.

Is it safe to use Bollywood Torrent Site?

All the files of the Bollywood torrent sites are not considered illegal. But, torrenting or uploading files without copyright is an illegal action. It is safe to use the Bollywood torrent sites that consists of legal torrents and provide legal torrenting services. Many of the Bollywood torrent sites operate in the legal area and offers access to the copyrighted content. Such offerings are considered safe to use with our internet connection. But when the illegal files are accessed, your internet service provider (ISP) can catch the unauthorized torrenting.

So, for this reason, we can use Virtual Private Networks (VPN) that hides your internet from the ISP. The downloading at the torrent site may lead to a malware attack. When the user downloads the movie or the software, there is a chance of accessing the virus that leads to the attack. But some torrent sites are very safe to use, as the malicious content and the access to the hackers are prevented by moderating all the uploaded content and checks whether every file is safe to download and share.

To find such virus-free torrents check the number of seeds for the Torrent. If the number of sources is high, then the Torrent is free from viruses. The Torrents are perfectly safe when a good antivirus is installed on your system to protect you from malicious files.

Why do I need a VPN for Torrenting?

Although the movie torrent site provides all the files we need, some of the uploaded files may be illegal. The illegal files mean that the file is not copyrighted. Torrenting of such files may lead to the punishment and blocking of internet service. When the torrent files are downloading with the help of our internet, the Internet Service Provider (ISP) and the copyright trolls can monitor the torrenting and leads to issues. So the Virtual Private Network (VPN) is used to hide your internet actions from the ISP.

VPN will not keep the torrent logs, not based on the country we record, and the VPN will not slow down download from the torrent site. Some torrent sites are blocked in some countries due to the continuous posting of illegal files. If your country is blocked for a specific torrent site, the VPN of the other countries will help for the torrenting on that site. To ensure safe torrenting, the best VPN should be used.

Bollywood Torrent Site FAQs

Q1. How Do Torrent Sites Work?

Normally people download Bollywood movies from the server. But the torrent site is the Peer-to-Peer download (i.e., download the Bollywood shows or films from the other people who post them to the torrent site, not from the server)

Q2. How and why to hide your Identity while Torrenting?

To download the illegal file from the torrent site, the user should hide their identity to prevent the punishments. The best VPN can be used to hide the identity of internet logs.

Q3. What does Torrent Seeding mean?

Seeding is the shares or distributes the part of the movie you have downloaded, which others have not downloaded completely. Seeding helps to share the file when the file source is moved or deleted.



Bollywood torrent helps to download share all the Bollywood movies safely without uploading them to the server. Though many Bollywood torrenting sites are blocked while some contain a malicious virus, precautions should be taken before download that protects our system from attack. Bollywood Torrent sites are the opensource peer-to-peer download of all the Bollywood movies and shows.

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