The Secret of Successful SEO Tools


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a discipline of online marketing which is focused to bring “organic” search engine results. On-page and Off-page activities are done under SEO. To improve the ranking of keywords it is very necessary to implement SEO techniques carefully and smartly. So Many tools are used in SEO that is very much helpful to increase the traffic on the website.

Useful Tools for SEO

Webmaster Tools:

Google webmaster tools

This tool allows communicating with google and adjusting many aspects of how Google sees your site. This is most essential and useful toolset. When you log in on the web master first thing you see is the dashboard. Under this you can access all the major sections, sitemaps, crawl errors and much more. It will give you a code for your site through this you can get lots of information about your website. You can check all the crawling errors, indexing of the pages; you can easily check your sitemap errors, get traffic information and so many things. If your page isn’t indexed yet you can easily index your page through the webmaster.

Plagiarism Tracker:

plagiarism checker

After google panda update, content must be unique and fresh. After the update, google doesn’t give preference to the web pages having duplicate content.  So, content plays a vital role in your website ranking. If you use someone else content then it will harm your website ranking or traffic. So it is most essential to remove the Plagiarism content. Be careful whenever you update your blog/article always check the content uniqueness before publishing.

Keyword Research Tools:


To increase the traffic on a website or attract the audience towards your website always it is very important to select keywords carefully. The base of SEO is keywords without keywords we can’t do anything in SEO, that is why developing a list of keywords is most important and it is the first step. Keywords and SEO are directly connected when it comes to running an effective campaign. So, research the keywords by using some best keywords analysis tools. For better result doing Keywords research only once.

Google Analytics:

google analytics

To get success in the online market it is very important to measure everything, “if you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it”. Google Analytics is a free tool that is used to track all the information about your website. In order to run a successful campaign, you need to use analytics to track the performance of keywords. Three sections come under google analytics dashboard first one is “Acquisition” where you can check all the traffic sources of your site whether it comes from ‘Facebook’, ‘ads’, ‘Display’, ‘Email’; you can see the full report here.  Second is “behavior” where you can see top 10 pages of your site. Also, check the loading time pages of your website.  Third one is “Conversion “where you can track the conversion goals.

Keyword Density Checker:

keyword density

Checking the density of keyword is very essential; our keyword density must be in between 1% to 3%. For better result, it is very important to check the density of keywords in your content, try to keep the density of keyword round 1.5% that is very important. And avoid keyword stuffing in your article or blog just to increase the density of keywords. Always try to write your targeted keyword in your Heading tag or either in the starting of an article or either at the end of an article. You can check keyword density manually or there are so many tools available to measure the density of keywords.

Domain Authority Checker:


Domain Authority is a term that defines the popularity of domain which is considered as one of the search engine ranking factor. It is based on three factors: size, age, popularity; It is considered as a useful metric in the online marketing to consider the quality of any site. The average domain authority is in between 40 to 50, while anything between 50 to 60 is considered is pretty good.

SEMrush Tool:


With the help of this powerful tool you can analyze your competitor list; you can check the whole list of an organic search, backlinks data, keyword research, and mobile user experience you can easily measure how many of your pages are not mobile friendly.

Because SEO affects the ranking of a website for this reasons companies find the candidates for SEO jobs  who are professional and have enough knowledge about all the strategies.

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