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How to Start a Blog in WordPress with GreenGeeks


During these trying times of pandemic, many people have taken blogging as their hobby. Blogging is a creative field where a person can share any information or story. Therefore, the blogger must have an excellent host website where the traffic is frequent. Also, the features should be good. GreenGeeks is a blogging site for both beginners and professionals.

Here are the steps to start a blog in GreenGeeks.

Why launch a GreenGeeks blog in 2021?

GreenGeeks gets considered to be one of the most reliable and easy-to-use blogging sites. It is an eco-friendly website that saves energy that comes from over-heating of the servers. The site is certified green and won various environmental awards. It is also fast and provides security for the blogs written. The features available on the site are impressive and get understood by a beginner.

Setting up of domain is free of cost. There are auto-backup and unlimited host domain options. The technical support provided is also helpful.

How to Start a Blog with GreenGeeks?

Follow these steps to start a blog with GreenGeeks:

1. Visit the GreenGeeks Website


greengeeks website


The first move in creating a GreenGeeks blog is to visit their website. There will be a green ‘Get Started’ tab. Click that button.

After you’ve tapped on the button, you get taken to a new page that details the pricing policies. Discounts were occasionally available on the website. To make the web run, make sure you have a good internet connection.

2. Choosing a Hosting Package



It’s critical to understand what kind of hosting service you’ll need. It gets recommended that beginners stick to the Lite Plan. With a coupon, it costs $2.49 per month. It usually costs $10.95 a month. This strategy is ideal for blogs that are just getting started or are relatively thin. Pro package, which costs $15.95 $4.95 per month, is also available.

Most talented bloggers use it because it has more functionality than the lite plan. The Premium package, which costs $25.95 $8.95 a month, is the last option. It has the most functionality and performs exceptionally well.

Sign Up & Launch your Blog @ $2.49/m

3. Choose a Domain Name

Create a Domain Name


While choosing the hosting plan, you have to enter your domain name. There are two options while entering your domain name. You can either register a new domain name or, you can use an existing domain name.

You can type in the domain name and check for its availability. Otherwise, you can use the domain name that is already available to you. Since you are starting the blog, you will pick up the option for the new domain name.

4. Fill in your Account Details


Fill in your Account Details

Once you have decided on a domain name, you’ll need to fill out your details. The website keeps the details safe. It will inquire about your email address. After that, it will request your first and last names.

It is not required that you have your company name. Then you must have your home address, city, state, zip code, and country of residence. As a result, choose the appropriate code for your situation.

5. Package Information and Server Location Selection


greengeeks-package-infoThere are various package pieces of information which you can choose from. There is a Triennially pack, Biennially pack, Annually Pack, and Monthly pack. Every pack is considered to be vital and have their features. Triennially pack is always selected by default.

You can also change the server location to suit your needs. Sometimes, foreign servers can give freedom and unrestricted access. Of course, while using a foreign server, ensure that you are using a VPN to protect your system.

6. Add-Ons can be Unchecked



There are three add-ons present when you get to the add-on section. Two of them are included in the pack and are, therefore, free. These two add-ons are domain locking and Total DNS Control. The third add-on is ID Protect-WHOIS Privacy. It costs 9.95 per year. It protects your information from hacker attacks and other such threats.

Although the information would be present and the domain name would be yours, the information would not be public and would, therefore, be safe.

7. Provide Payment details



After selecting all the necessary tools and add-ons for your blog, you will be taken to the payment page. There you would be provided with the bill for everything that you have bought along with the add-ons.

The coupon savings and discounts would also be mentioned if provided with the information. Then you have to enter your card number, the expiration date of the card, and CVV code for the payment. The data is safe and encrypted.

8. Create a WordPress Website



You must install WordPress after purchasing a GreenGeeks subscription. Then go online with your website. To gain access to the platform, fill in the required information. Select the option to administer and then the option to create a new website. You are free to use whatever software you like.

1. Start the Quick Launch Wizard



2. You will get four options to choose from- Select the first option, i.e., Start New Website.



3. Select WordPress App and go-ahead


4.Select a Theme & Plugins

Now it’s time to pick a theme, select plugins, and hit Create My Website button.




Once you have performed all the above steps, your site will be deployed within a sec, and then your site will be ready from where you can go to your WordPress dashboard.

WordPress is usually the first app that comes to mind. For added functionality, you can choose from a variety of themes and plugins. Finally, your server is up and running, and your blog is ready to go.

Features of GreenGeeks

GreenGeeks has several features which help the user to start a blog easily.

1. The domain selection is free of charge. Whether you enter the existing name or a new one.

2. The hosting feature can be shared on all accounts via the same server. It can use space from other hosting providers and use them as its own.

3. It has VPS hosting. AS mentioned before, it ensures eco-friendly servers are online.

4. It gets them plenty of carbon credits.

5. Their speed is outstanding.

6. Their plans are amazingly on par with their competitors.

7. Their resources are also unlimited.

GreenGeeks Frequently Asked Questions

Ques 1: What exactly is GreenGeeks?

Ans: It is a web-hosting site that helps you to create and start a blog at an affordable price.

Ques 2: Is GreenGeeks a Good Website?

Ans: It has the best features for creating a blog and is recommended by many professionals.

Ques 3: What is the Subscription Plan of GreenGeeks?

Ans: They have three plans for the subscription. There is a lite pack that is cost-effective for small blogging purposes. Then there are Pro and Premium packs used by professionals.

Ques 4: Do they have refund guarantees?

Ans: Yes, they refund your money if the software has had some problems within the 30 days of purchasing.

Ques 5: Is GreenGeeks good with WordPress?

Ans: WordPress and various other sites are GreenGeeks’ specialty. They can help you set up your purchased plans. Moreover, add-ons provided by GreenGeeks also add features on WordPress.


To sum it all up, we can conclude that GreenGeeks is one of the best options for creating a blogging website with WordPress. Always ensure that the subscription you buy has all the features you require and buy add-ons for extra features.

Sign Up & Launch your Blog @ $2.49/m

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