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14 Video Editing Tips & Tricks for Beginners

Video Editing Tips

When you are starting as a video editor, learning the right set of useful tips and tricks can make a real difference. Video editing skills are required in almost all major industries, from photography to IT to marketing.

The article covers everything you need to learn, from finding the best video editing app to adding details to the clips to enhance them overall.


Pick a Responsive Tool

Selecting the right tool is the key to efficiently edit videos for advertising or other purposes. However, the task is not as easy as it may seem.

Picking the right tool can be a challenge for you since there are not only a dozen but a ton of tools available in the market.


Connect Camera to Mac

Compatibility between the camera and Mac devices can pose a challenge.

Most professionals use GoPro cameras to shoot videos as it allows shooting in harsh weather conditions. To view files on Mac, check how to connect GoPro to Mac.


Keep Your Content Short

There’s a reason why Instagram and TikTok videos have gained immense popularity. Create short videos that can engage viewers throughout. Remove any extraneous content.

Be your own critic. Eliminate the shot that doesn’t add anything to the clip to see if the flow is good.


Know When to Cut

Learning the skill to cut the clip when people are speaking is another skill you should learn.

To add a more realistic look, it’s better to move away from other visuals as the dialogue continues. Cutting the shot at the right time is the key to creating compelling videos.


Learn to Cut on Action

While switching between different takes, it’s often jerky cutting from one angle to another. The tip here is to cut the shot midway rather than waiting for things to go static.

This will keep the viewer’s eye on the action rather than be distracted by the movement.


Go for Colour Correction

It’s quite amazing to see how the raw image or video looks before it encompasses rounds of edits.

Getting acquainted with the tips for basic colour correction will allow you to maintain the right balance of light, hue, saturation, and more.


Crop Extra Parts

Video editing is not about text, music, or effects. You need to pay close attention to details. Cropping is important to improve its compositions or to adjust it to a specified format.

Editors can create close-ups of even the smallest objects in the background.


Emphasise Aspect Ratio

As a beginner video editor, you might find it difficult to decide on the aspect ratio – landscape or portrait.

No matter what ratio you select, keeping it consistent throughout the frame is rather important, or else the video will look unprofessional and unimpressive.


Rewatch Your Creation First 

After completing the editing task, view your edited video before publishing it or showing it to someone else. As stated earlier, be your own biggest critic and rate your work.

You may also ask your friends for suggestions. This way, you will get a chance to polish your work.


Add Texts and Graphics

Adding text, graphics, and extra effects to your video will enhance it, making it more attractive.

Balance your video by bringing in traces of humor and anger where it applies. Make sure you add the background music to make it compelling.


Save Copies of Your Work

Having copies of your creative work will save you from facing the unfortunate events of data loss. Make sure you have your work saved on an external SSD or Cloud drive.

Saving data on Cloud will allow you to access it anywhere and anytime using any device.


Ensure Sufficient RAM

Now, this is something that you must consider even before starting your career as a video editor. Working as an editor means using a dozen apps on your computer.

You will be multitasking most of the time. The better the RAM, the better you can multitask on your computer.


Work on One Project

If you want to work like professionals, this is the mantra you would want to get started. Work on one project at a time and never miss out on even the little details.

This will help you manage your workload more efficiently.


Learn Video Editing Shortcuts

By learning shortcuts, not only can you expedite the video editing tasks but accomplish more work at any given time.

Shortcuts are the key to productivity, so learning basic video editing shortcuts can help you become a pro in a shorter span.


The Conclusion

The above-mentioned tips will help you advance in your career as a video editor. It’s not mandatory to learn all the tips; however, you can master the basic tricks of learning keyboard shortcuts, cropping videos, or picking the right video editing tools.

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