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How Forms on Fire help Businesses go Paperless?

forms on fire

With Forms on Fire, users can create their forms to gather information using forms on their iOS, Android, or Windows devices. Here’s the thing about Fire Forms you need to know.

What are Forms on Fire?

Fire Forms is a smartphone application allowing mobile forms like inspections, audits, safety reports, and directives to be recorded and transmitted. Users create their forms to gather information using forms on their iOS, Android, or Windows devices.

The smartphone app works online as well as offline. You may receive a free trial and view the ROI calculator on our website. You may also save time by selecting thousands of connections and collecting data for your forms.

Step-by-step guide on how Forms on Fire help Businesses to go Paperless

Let’s take a look at five ways you can take your company paperless:

1. Paperless Meetings

Instead of publishing the vital points of your presentation and allowing everyone to make their notes, the fire form will be a virtual presentation that you will get to share with all participants later. You may pick a member to take notes on the laptop and share the file with anyone else throughout the meeting.

2. Digitalization

Fire Forms may assist you in digitally capture all of your paper forms and allow you to stay with a phone or tablet in place of paper and pen to keep your burden. They provide many connectors, so you don’t have to worry about accessing data saved elsewhere.

3. Scanning Paperwork

Make sure you spend plenty of time, effort, and resources on safety throughout the digital process. Whether you keep your data locally or remotely, you will need to rely on secure servers, firewalls, and other security measures.

4. E-Signatures

Contracts and agreements must no longer be signed with the printing of a complete range of papers. Installing your contracts and credit card transactions via different POS systems, you may change into electronic signatures.

Features of Forms on Fire

Let’s have a look at these features that forms on fire hold-

1. Offline Capability

You always have your most essential formats, data sources, documents, and tasks on every device that you use in the newest editions.

2. Simple layout

We begin by providing two of your favorite productivity programs to produce attractive reports: Microsoft Word & Excel. It became easy for the developer to understand and made it feasible to construct attractive and adaptable, completely customizable designs.

3. Drag and Drop

Drag and Drop designers have always had a contradictory objective. The fire designer shape enables you to achieve incredible things without getting in the way. The tools for design are flexible and handy.

Pricing Details

Fire forms have three schemes based on the customer’s needs. The Standard Edition is available and costs 20 dollars a month. It offers multifunctionality, unlimited storage, unlimited applications, Full OPEN API, and support.

Then a popular premium issue of 28 dollars per month is published. It is standard with all the unlimited entries, premium connectors, workflow, tasks, dispatch, and managing documents.

Finally, the Enterprise Edition is at $36 per month. It provides Premium plus SSO with AAD, ping or Okta, company tools, SYNQL for MS SQL or MySQL. However, 25 or more users get required for the final plan.

Forms on Fire FAQ

Ques 1: How can a data source with several bound fields be stopped?

If you wish to draw data from a data source from a choice field but do not want to change the data, you can return to the data source instead of binding.

Ques 2: Can old data entries be searched and edited?

Yeah, that’s possible. It’s about creating a user-defined source of data and not using the data source “App: Entry History.”

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In short, we can say that fire-forms make your paper forms a mobile app and help to make massive investment returns.

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