How to nail E-commerce Marketing Automation with Omnisend in 2021


Ecommerce Marketing Automation is just a set of communication chains for internet marketing. Publishers may develop the emails they want to send when particular events or benchmarks occur, then utilize an automated platform to make sure those activities activate the messaging to be sent. Let’s take a look at how Omnisend contributes to Ecommerce Marketing Automation.

How to nail Ecommerce Marketing Automation with Omnisend in 2021

Ways to nail e-commerce marketing automation with Omnisend in 2021:

1. Segmentation

Every consumer, as well as the subscription, is unique. As a result, one must personalize their strategy to both clients and members to their specific requirements and desires. One may utilize Omnisend’s categorization to determine who has been actively interacting and expressing interest in their items and who will not.




There are many ways to segment your consumers, but the trick is to utilize automated message promotion to connect out to diverse groups of people. It’s important not to make the mistake of assuming that all of their consumers are the same.

2. Web Tracking and Customer Profiles

The practice of webpage owners collecting, storing, and sharing data on users’ activity on the Internet is known as web tracking. One could keep track of when a consumer accesses their online, where sites they often browse, as well as how often they spend on each page.



Following the collection of pertinent data, we can construct a potential customer, which should assist the business to determine what each consumer is looking at and consuming the most time on activities. Instead of focusing on the deficiencies, you’ll be able to adjust their automated message distribution to one’s capabilities.

3. A/B Testing

A/B testing is an investigation of usability. Randomized tests with two versions, A and B, are A / B. It consists of statistical inference, typically known in the field of data science as “two-sampling hypothesis testing.”


Anyone may use A/B testing to blast across mailings to various customers at the same time and discover which ones perform better. You will discover what lay the base, subject, and duration required so that all emails may succeed consistently.

4. Automation Workflow Combination

Instead of writing a small message that may be deleted, automated possibilities allow users to send a succession of targeted emails to the consumers. Such combo emails must not be utilized as a tactic in and of itself but rather at specified periods.


The issue is that if users employ series all of the time, then clients will become bored with things, and they’ll become unproductive. They will help you gain 69 percent more sales if you apply them in these exact situations.

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Features of Email Marketing Automation for Ecommerce

Here are some features of email marketing automation for eCommerce:

1. Combine Multiple Channels

Users may integrate numerous channels throughout the database of consumers, which is one of the key characteristics of Email Campaigns Optimization for E-commerce. By communicating out to one’s consumers on their favored messaging channels, one can give a consistent, personalized experience while also increasing their exposure and sales.

One may easily click and drag multiple connections into a singular Omnisend operation. Email marketing, Text messaging, and Online push notifications are all options.

2. Save time with pre-built workflows

Omnisend has pre-built all of the user’s messages, subject lines, and workflow settings, allowing them to be up and running quickly. The drag-and-drop Automation Editor in Omnisend makes it simple to make changes. Visitors can be welcomed and converted on the spot.

Using automated emails, you may call out to shoppers who have seen items but left the online store without making a purchase, as well as retrieve abandoned carts. There’s also an option to get an order confirmation and a shipment confirmation. One may also increase sales by recommending more goods based on their customers’ prior purchases.

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3. Optimize and boost your bottom line

The improvement and enhancement of business results are among the primary services Omnisend offers. By designing their new features and motivations for various tailored message channels inside secure messaging, one may create automated splits.

A/B testing is another option. Essentially, one can run tests to evaluate whichever medium, incentives, or message body generates the most leads and then create statistics improvements to their procedures.

4. Leverage your integrations data

With Omnisend, businesses can effortlessly use 3rd-party information to broaden the reach of any targeted communications. Constructing tailored processes with easy use of scientific technology and corporate affinity & award programs statistics, call centers, assessment programs, automated inventory solutions, and the same robotic designer.

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Ecommerce Marketing Automation FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions related to Ecommerce Marketing Automation:

Ques 1: What is the purpose of Ecommerce Marketing Automation?

Ans: Essentially, e-commerce marketing automation allows businesses to grow their newsletters and increase sales using automated mailings, segmentation, and SMS.

Ques 2: What is the cost of using Omnisend?

Ans: The cost of Omnisend varies depending on the package you choose. You may choose from a free pack, a standard pack for $16, a pro pack for $99.00, or an enterprise pack with bespoke pricing.



To conclude, we can observe that Omnisend is one of the most prominent software for e-commerce marketing automation. Therefore, any user needs to select a plan and knowledge of using Omnisend before buying.

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