Omnisend Review: Features, Pricing, Pros & Cons


Omnisend gets regarded as one of the most effective e-commerce marketing services available on the internet. It is an email marketing tool that has evolved into a fully autonomous advertising platform. Omnisend can expertly sell your products and enables contacting any automation builders a breeze.

Omnisend centralizes your digital applications, SMS messaging, and internet presence, allowing you to monitor all of your marketing activities from the comfort of a single platform.

What is Omnisend?

Omnisend is an eCommerce-focused multichannel digital marketing platform. Developing great marketing emails is simpler than it has ever been with email marketing at its foundation. One can tailor every message using consumer data, advertising participation, and transaction activity with Omnisend’s marketing automation.

Omnisend lets you combine many channels into a single automated procedure, including electronic mail, text, push notifications, and others. You may also link your sections to tracking advertisements on Google and Facebook. Omnichannel marketing is simple to implement using Omnisend. Omnisend has a long-range of capabilities for eCommerce marketers that want to build their business.

Pros and Cons of Omnisend

Omnisend has several advantages and disadvantages. The following are a few of them:


  • When your site is linked to Omnisend, you can send up to 2000 emails every day for free.
  • Most other companies have a restriction unless you pay for a premium membership, however, Omnisend allows limitless contacts with a free plan.
  • The setup of triggered email/automation is simple and effective.


  • Omnisend’s email design options are restricted compared to those of its competitors.
  • There are no holiday marketing themes that can be customized.
  • It does not travel back in time and add past orders or clients to the automated. From the moment you install the product, it will only work with future consumers.

Features of Omnisend

Now, let’s dive deeper into Omnisend’s core suite of features:

1. Advanced Email Marketing

Email campaigns are commercial emails that offer information to subscribers that advertise a product or service. Apart from that, advertising messages are necessary for establishing customer connections, enlightening customers about a product or service, nurturing leads, etc.

The Omnisend template library makes it simple to produce professional, eye-catching emails without knowing how to code. You can quickly personalize the emails to match your brand, add goods and dynamic discount coupons, and store them as presets for future campaigns.

2. Smart Reporting

The analytics options in Omnisend are built for extra strategy analysis, allowing you to delve down into the details. One may examine every part of their marketing effort to determine what works and, more importantly, what needs to be improved.

You may also create customized results based on your pay applications to better understand who your target audience is.

3. Multi-Channel Marketing Campaigns

By merging email, SMS, and other outlets on a single platform–you can rapidly boost your sales capacity and create a consistent, multichannel consumer experience. Users can also combine all of their online media and communications platforms into a single process, making it much easier to automate and track multi-channel marketing strategies.

4. Versatile Lead Generation Forms

When it relates to contact capture, Omnisend has a lot of options. Users may pick from a variety of registration options to convert traffic into sales. Quasi Registration boxes, welcome and exit purpose Popups, a fun Wheel of Fortune, and customizable landing pages may help them increase their audience. Omnisend’s forms are mobile-friendly and customizable.

5. Harness Automation to Personalize your Marketing

Customizing your messages is critical for maintaining a positive relationship with your customers. You may use Omnisend to determine where users are in the customer experience and send them relevant items to their stage.

Their Automations Library contains pre-built processes for every phase of your customer experience, from shopping restoration and welcoming texts to client recurrence. It’s simple to alter and view approach ordering, or even create one from the start, with drag-and-drop process customization.

6. Smart Segmentation

You may split your mailing lists into minor sections using Omnisend’s innovative segmentation tool. These segments might be based on your members’ demographics, shopping patterns, affinity with your business, and so on, allowing marketers to offer more targeted communications and, as a result, increase brand awareness.

7. In-Depth Examination

Omnisend features practical reporting capabilities, which make it easier to make statistics assess the relationship and performance indicators to granular advertising and automated insights. The intelligent reporting capabilities in Omnisend allow users to dive down into individual areas of their marketing strategies to see what’s working.

8. Programmed Item Suggestions

Omnisend uses artificial intelligence to create tailored item recommendations based on its consumers’ shopping history. Users may leverage AI-driven cognitive computing, classification, and intelligence to find high-impact consumer targeting possibilities based on information.

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Omnisend Pricing

Omnisend provides four plans to the consumers. They are as follows:


1. Free Plan: Free plans provide easy-to-build email campaigns. It also features sign-up forms, performance reports, customer analyses, and many more. It gets mainly used for a basic level of marketing.

2. Standard Plan: The monthly fees for the Standard Plan are $16. Marketing automation, email and text support, A/B testing, and pre-built processes are just a few of the features.

3. Pro Plan: Pro plan costs a monthly payment of $99. It provides everything provided in the free and standard subscription. It also includes features like Audience Sync for Facebook and Google, Advanced Reporting, Customer Success Manager, and many more.

4. Enterprise Plan: The enterprise plan has custom pricing and depends upon the requirement of the organization. It includes features from every subscription plus extra features like Email Account Migration, Customer Success Manager, and many more.

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Omnisend FAQ

Ques 1: Is Omnisend a free service?

Ans: Yes, Omnisend provides a free plan but with limited features only. However, if you want great features, you should choose one of the other subscriptions.

Ques 2: Is it permissible to send MMS?

Ans: Yes, MMS allows you to include photos or animated gifs in your text messages. MMS is only available to receivers in the United States and Canada.

Ques 3: What are my options for increasing my monthly email limit?

Ans: In your account, you may manually replenish your email credits. The Enterprise package allows users to send an unlimited number of emails each month.



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To conclude, we can observe that Omnisend is one of the most prominent digital marketing tools to increase customers. Ensure that you choose your subscription wisely and with consideration.

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