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How to Download a Video from a Website?


There are websites or streaming sites where videos can be viewed. If it is your first time viewing a video, you may presume that the need to watch the video again will not arise. However, when nostalgia kicks in, you will discover that your presumption was wrong. Nostalgia can be very bad when it is at its peak. When you return to the website where you watched the video, you may not find a “download” option clearly displayed. You will be left wondering and puzzled – how will I download this video?

Just so know it is possible for you to download a video from a website or a streaming site. YouTube is a website popularly known for videos. There are other websites that can be used to watch videos also. Examples are DailyMotion, MetaCafe, MegaVideo. In this article, you will learn how to rip a video from a website. You are advised to read till the end in order to get the full gist. Not only will you learn how to download videos from online sites or streaming sites, but you will also learn about helpful tools that can be used to achieve this same goal. Sit back, read and learn!

Before we start discussing how you can save video from a website on your mobile device or PC (personal computer), you should know that a video sharing website like YouTube has an app where viewers can download videos for offline viewing. The only glitch is that such videos cannot be shared with any other person. In fact, when you download any video online using the YouTube app, you cannot access the videos via your phone memory. The only way you can access the video is through the app.

Also, if you do not have internet connection for a long time say for more than 20 days, you will lose the videos. Hence, the need to download the videos again will arise, and this means more internet data will be consumed. There are video sharing websites that offer this same video downloading option, but the disadvantages are more than the advantages. It is due to this reason that people prefer to get the mp4 format of online videos. The videos will be on their phone memory forever except if they delete or the phone is virus ridden.

There is a better option you can utilize to download video from youtube. You can employ an online video downloader to get any video of your choice. The process involved in downloading videos is not long, and it is not complicated at all. Once you can follow the instructions mentioned in this article, you will successfully download the mp4 format of any video.

How to download video using online video downloader

  1. Visit the homepage of YouTube, DailyMotion, MetaCafe, MegaVideo, etc. Search for the video that you wish to download.
  2. Click on the video you wish to download, so that it will lead you to another page where the video will be played.
  3. Do not allow the video to play; click pause. You desire to download not watching it. Copy the video’s web address (URL). You will find this on the address bar at the top of the browser.
  4. Go the website of any online video downloader. You can use, Convert2MP3 or any other online video downloader of your choice.
  5. Paste the video’s web address (URL) in the text field on the homepage of the online video downloader.
  6. Choose the format of the video you will like to download. Choose the mp4 format.
  7. Choose the m4 quality you will like to download. Note that high quality means the video will be large.
  8. Click download. In some instances, once you select the video format, the video file will download automatically.

With these steps, you can download any video online with ease.  When you use an online video downloader, the video downloader surfs the web to find the file of the video using the web address or URL you posted. The time taken is so short that you will not know the online video downloader had to search for it.

Video Download Tools

There are video download tools that can be employed to download videos. Some of the top tools that can be employed will be discussed shortly. There are two main tools that can be employed in order to download videos. You can use online video downloader, which has been discussed above. Or, you can use web browser extensions for video downloading. The top online video downloaders and video downloader web browser extension will be mentioned here.

  • Easy YouTube video downloader: This is an online video downloader web browser extension. The slight constraint with this extension is that it is only available for Firefox users. Download the extension from the Firefox store. Videos can be downloaded in various formats.
  • This particular tool doubles as a browser extension and a website you can use to download video from youtube. As a browser extension, it is available on browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Safari.
  • ClipNabber: This is one of the several video download tools that can be used to download videos online. Copy the video’s URL and follow the steps mentioned above.
  • Save Vid: This is an online video downloader. It allows you to download videos from YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc. The steps for downloading is the same as the one mentioned above
  • Instube: This is an app that allows you to download videos from various sites, especially social media. You can also download music This app also allows you to convert videos to mp3 format.
  • KeepVid: This is an online video downloader that you can use to download videos in different formats (high or low quality).

You can also use video download software to get videos. Examples are YRB video downloader and Aimersoft YouTube Downloader.

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