5 Latest SEO Trends To Enhance Your Blog

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With the increasing influence and scope of digitalization, People are also start turning and getting aware about digital marketing and its utilities. There are various aspects that are involved in digital marketing, Among all of them the major 3 aspects that most of the people use to drive traffic on their websites is SEO, Paid Search Campaigns and Social Media platforms to drive traffic. Here in this article we are going to discus about 5 Latest SEO Trends OF 2017. Most of the professional SEO services are quite aware of 5 Latest SEO Trends that must be followed for your blog.

Top 5 SEO Trends to boost traffic of your blog

Knowledge Graph:

Knowledge graph is quite new concept that is following by Google for most of queries. If you get into knowledge graph whenever anyone search for your organization, They will get aware of all the details related to your organization. Knowledge graph feature has been launched by Google earlier in 2012 but it gain more importance in later 2016. Under knowledge graph, when anyone search for something then based on semantic or related searches Google display the answer search queries above all the results. To get under knowledge graph you should provide all the query and information very clearly.

Schema Mapping:

It is another advanced feature provided by Google search engine. Under this schema mapping , Websites provide star rating feature, Under which any user can rate your website and products provided over there. Schema provides star rating and it help in increasing CTR of any web page. Along with this, it also help in getting the trust of your visitors that help you to bring conversions. One can easily apply schema on WordPress and other websites based upon Content Management systems using plugins. If your website is custom built then you can apply schema using

Map Listing:

google map listing

For any business either offline or online, map listing is very essential for both the sides that is user point of view, and search engines as well. In case your business is listed upon Google maps, then it get the credibility in the eyes of search as well that helps in boosting the rankings of it. Along with this you also get a link from Google maps that is very helpful for off page SEO.  Map listing on Google and in other directories also influence the search engine rankings of your website and your local listing as well.

Minimum Page Size:

minimum page size

After late 2014 and in early 2015, your page size also start affecting the search engine presence of your website. A page with heavy size would not load easily that hamper the user experience, From past few years all the search engines are very focused upon providing best user experience to its users. There are so many tools that can help you to optimize the user experience and minimize the page size of your webpage. There are few tools that you can use to test the page loading time like GT Metrix, Pingdom, Google Page speed Test.

These are the recent SEO Trends that you should follow and must be aware of. If you are doing SEO for your website then make sure you should be aware of these terms in order to optimize your website properly.


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