How SEO Traffic is going to Change your Business Strategies


Are you an entrepreneur or are you currently running a business? If yes, then this post is right for you.

It’s true, that having a business is like having a child. It takes a great deal of effort, patience and hard work. But were you able to incorporate SEO practices yet into your business strategies?

Learn more as I discuss to you one by one on how SEO can be the missing piece to your business success.

Ready? Here we go. First,


What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a technique uses to rank the website well in search engine results and gain more organic traffic. It is often used by strategists to help make their business or blogs more visible online. SEO continues to be an effective and important tool in the digital marketing strategy up to date. Although it’s not exactly what it used to be. And in the last few years, it has changed dramatically.

So what are the different types of SEO that can be used to optimize your business?

  • On-Page Optimization– Includes finding the best keywords to target on a content page and focusing on target keywords in content creation.
  • Off-Page Optimization – is creating a large volume of links pointing to your site from relevant sites. One good example is through link building and guest post blog.
  • Technical Optimization – this type of SEO focuses on the website’s architecture. The back-end support that takes care of the technical area in dealing with the Google algorithm.


How SEO Traffic Benefits your Business?

1. Builds Brand Credibility and Awareness

One of the top priorities of Marketing Strategist is brand awareness. Potential customers need to recognize your brand. Is your NAP (Company name, Address, Phone number) consistent on the web? Your company’s NAP should be the same across the Internet. Name consistency will help your website gain more advantage from search engines which, in turn, can provide better organic exposure. For example, it can help your site rank well in Google Maps, making it easy for prospective customers to find your business.

2. Long Term Marketing Tool

SEO is an on-going process and it takes time to do it effectively. Knowing your target market and your audience plus optimizing your site using the right keywords can ensure you to rank high in Google. SEO is a long term play and might take months. But with its technique, it will guarantee your business to be poised in a better position for years to come.

3. Keep Ahead of the Competition

Even if the product of your competitor is better and it is sold at the lowest price, you can still win. As mentioned earlier, SEO can land you in a better ranking in Google that a potential customer can readily browse through. Online Visibility is key here. An enormous aspect of SEO is the analysis of the competitor behaviour and the determination of the exact ranking factors behind any given keyword. Take the lead and be ahead of your competitors.

4. Boost in Sales

Your company will definitely on its way to higher conversions through a successful SEO campaign. SEO will help you increase your leads that can convert to possible sales. SEO is around the clock. It’s not sleeping. Yes, this is another of SEO’s advantages. Your rankings are not gone overnight. Every day, you can boost your website traffic. Once you rank high in search engines, you can still take advantage of prospective customers visiting your site even when you’re sleeping.

5. SEO is Cost-Effective

You don’t have to pay for clicks from search engines once you rank high on search engines. And you won’t have to worry about your budget for PPC anymore. Pause your PPC advertising campaigns and allow more outcomes to be driven by # 1 SEO rankings.


How SEO would change your Business Strategies?

From the benefits listed above, a different approach may come up to your Business strategy. Having SEO on board, consider your work half done. Why? Once you established your brand online which may take months of work, it will result in a continuous digital free marketing.

While bigger firms depend on advertising, you can depend on a creative SEO approach to acquire clients. It will give you more time for product research, building customer relationships, and focus on other business-related activities.


SEO Tactics That Might Work

  • Content is Everything

Produce consistent, high-quality content that displays fresh and relevant search engines for your site. A latest Backlinko research found that the longer the content, the greater the probability that it will rank at the top of the SERPs

  • Make your Post Readable

Make your Post easy to read. Make use of subheaders, bullet points and include high-quality images. It is also said that the average person only spends 37 seconds browsing and reading content online. So make sure to use subheadings for easy scanning.

  • Use Keywords Tool

Keywords act as a signpost to Google’s spiders, signaling themes and indicating the nature of the content on the website. Using keyword suggestion tools such as – KeySearch, SEMrush, Moz Keyword Explorer, or Google Keyword Planner can assist you to discover the keywords you can use.

Example of Keywords Tools

A.) Moz Keyword Explorer – It is a versatile, dynamic program that covers almost every aspect of the keyword process. This tool helps marketers to produce keywords, built lists and keyword process. You can also evaluate metrics, click-through rates, and other efficiency measures, as well as spy on and evaluate keywords that your competitors use.

B.) KeySearch – An easy-to-use, quick web-based system. No installing software required. Keysearch is not only a keyword analysis tool, but it is also a full SEO powerhouse. Give your competitors all the instruments you need to spy on and monitor your SEO attempts.

C.) SEMrush – an SEO analysis tool particularly concerns in business intelligence. Try entering your competitor’s URLs to SEMrush and it will provide you a list of SEO keywords together with their web traffic and ranking.

D.) Ahrefs – a wide range of analysis tools offering backlink checkers, position trackers, and content explorers. In this tool, you can easily find newly discovered links by the day, referring domain breakdown, pages crawled on the site, anchor text profile,  lost links, and SERF positioning.

E.) SpyFu – One-stop-shop to get all the data you need about your competitor. SpyFu has crossed you from comprehensive keyword research and backlink analysis to analyzing organic vs. paid search traffic.

F.) Pro Rank Tracker – In addition to helping you keep track of your worldwide rankings, Pro Rank Tracker also enables you to keep track of your local and mobile rankings. This can be helpful in analyzing the effectiveness of your SEO attempts. You can also see where you go wrong and what you can do to enhance the efficiency of your quest.

G.) Google Structured Data Testing Tool – This is a free tool that can help you evaluate the code of your website rapidly and recognize any mistakes or concerns. Having a uniform and intuitive back-end information structure enables site crawlers to navigate and index your site readily.

  • Focus on Link Building

Use Link Building and create a variety of Back Links. You can do Guest Blogging to other sites by simply contacting them. It may be worth contacting these sites to see if they can provide backlinks to your site as well. In short, Link Building is the practice of presenting your site to other website owners to secure a link (hyperlink) to your page on their website.

  • Backlinks Analysis

Tools such as Majestic, Ahrefs, or Moz Open Site Explorer can assist you to perform a thorough website backlink analysis. A backlink analysis demonstrates you all the connections they take into account and provides you a stronger knowledge of the capacity of your site to rank well in search engine results.

  • Include keywords in page URLs

URLs are a minor search engine ranking variable when determining the significance of a specific site or resource to a search query. Using a URL that contains keywords can enhance the visibility of your website search

  • Check your Directory Listings especially in Google

Name consistency will help your website gain more advantage from search engines. Search Engines like Bing and Google, often used and rely on information from Local Search Data Providers. Make sure your NAP (Company name, Address and Phone Number)  is consistent online.

  • Optimize your voice Search

According to research, 50% of the people heading to Google are not using typing queries but using the voice-assisted device to search for them. This SEO tactic needs to prioritize as well. Soon there will be large of individuals who are keen using this feature and we better be ahead of the game. For example, someone typed in “Fried chicken Recipe” compares it to a voice-based search who sounds like “How to cook Fried chicken?” A main distinction with the two is that voice searches tend to be question-based.

  • Use of Social Media

Does a simple like and share on Facebook can affect SEO? Of course, Google and Bing have admitted using ‘ social signals ‘ to help rank the search engine results, not much of a help but yes, they can somewhat contribute. Social media focuses more on exposure and awareness. With a perfect type of regularly published social media content, your general content marketing campaign can create an enormous difference.

  • Reach out to Influencers

Influencer Marketing is a strategy that companies use in partnership with famous social media Influencers or bloggers to promote their products and services. Influencers generally have a big, committed crowd that brands want to achieve for credibility building and even sales drive.


Reasons why Business Struggle to succeed in SEO

  • Not Using the Right Keywords

As discussed earlier, hitting the right keyword can go a long way. You have to use long-tail keywords. One common mistake for starters is using single-word keywords.

If you use single-word keywords or highly popular keywords, you will be forced to get lost in the results after a general search. If you can’t compete with other companies who have a million-dollar budget set aside to ensure top spots, it’s essential for your SEO strategy to find a keyword path around them.

  • Something wrong with Digital Marketing Tool

SEO is not only measured by the increase in business. It requires time, effort and constant improvements to optimize the content of your website. Big businesses can afford to sign up for better analytics, better keyword research, better instruments for reporting, better instruments for conversion optimization, etc. Small businesses are often stuck with free, gaining a competitive advantage more difficult. It also requires more time to do a more manual job.

  • Everyone Favors Popular Brands

Google ranks large brands higher in search results because they have user behavior data indicating that people are more likely to click on recognized brand websites. Let’s face it, we’ll never be able to compete with these giant companies. So in order to compete with them, you have to double the work and share content that is relevant and worth the read.

  • Targeting the Wrong Audience

SEO Strategy is bound to fail if you don’t know your target market. Yes, targeting the wrong audience would not give you the sales conversion you’re expecting even if your SEO strategy puts you on Google’s top list search. Logically, if you don’t show up for the right audience in the results, those who search for your business won’t find you.

  • Can’t Handle SEO Cost

This is simple. You have to spend money for you to earn money. If you can spend more cash on SEO and dedicated excellent efforts to optimize your search engine, you will see better returns. Big businesses usually have larger budgets allocate to hire more staff, hire top-notch consultants, invest in large-high-quality content and excellent web design, and so on.

  • Poor Time Management

In a small company having few marketing heads where everybody is juggling with their day to day tasks, SEO often pushes to the side. It requires a lot of time for Real SEO. It’s not easy to create worthwhile content, optimize your web pages, promote your site and secure links. Sometimes poor time management can be an issue for SEO failure.

Entrepreneurs are bound to set competitive measures and actions that a company uses to attract prospective clients and to compete effectively with competitors. At times, company owners focus more on sales than on the actual components of the buying factors to increase sales conversion.

What does it mean? 

Sometimes business owners really don’t pay attention to digital marketing. Marketing is often the aspect of the company that is pushed to the side. In short, digital marketing is often viewed as too expensive and time-consuming to enforce. They really need to invest in their digital marketing development. Online presence is essential for brand awareness now. It’s like watching a tv commercial all over again and making an impression or recall.

Okay, now let’s make it simpler

Let’s say that the consumer in your area is looking for a specific product or service. There is a big possibility that they will start searching through Facebook or any other e-commerce sites. Yes, an online presence is one of the most significant investments a company can make.

If you market your business through Facebook, you’ll be in a perfect place to capture their attention. The consumer will see the consistency with your brand thru combine social media campaigns and other paid ads. This enables the prospect client to feel comfortable doing business with you as it builds confidence and credibility.

Imagine selling a product that is well-packaged but having no name, no description and nothing in particular. Do you really think people will buy it? Are you really expecting consumers to support it? Nah. It won’t happen. The same goes for your website. It’s like putting everything there online but not optimizing your site.

It is important to attract organic traffic to your website, but it will always cost you to generate visits from your target clients. You’re going to spend a lot of time, money, or a combination of both to get the high-converting traffic you’re looking for. And that’s where SEO comes in.

Organic search is a major part of the performance of most business websites, as well as a critical component of the purchaser. Sometimes SEO is not all-service one-fit. What works for an electronic or software online store website may not necessarily work for beauty and fashion e-commerce site.

SEO enables small business owners to generate quick, robust and user-friendly websites that rank higher in search engines, helping them to take more skilled prospective clients to their locations and eventually increase conversion rates. It’s been known that SEO is a website-friendly technique for search engine results. And yes, it can help you boost your online presence and promote your site for potential sales and marketing.




Author Bio: Janelle Orfinada is PR Marketing Specialist Softvire, a leading software online market. She is a Blogger and a Freelance writer. Writing is her life and passion. She’s an HRM graduate but chose to work in a PR Marketing Industry. Now she’s taking a career leap as a professional writer. Technology and Lifestyle are her favorite niche.

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