How to Generate Traffic from Linkedin (Full Guide Inside)

How to Generate Traffic from Linkedin

It is the digital era, and we have been swept from under our feet by the digital advancements and transformations. You compare the period from a decade ago, and you can distinguish between the obvious differences. We have been blessed with the social media easing up communication in the world. Globalization is occurring at a much more rapid rate than before.

Marketing and businesses have gone digital. You may often come across businesses which are operating completely online. Social media is also being utilized for what is nowadays known as ‘Digital Marketing.’ Digital Marketing has become a field in itself with people now gaining certifications in it to enhance business marketing techniques.

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and of course LinkedIn are being simultaneously employed for business purposes as well now resulting in ineffectual marketing. Social media is not just social networking anymore. Promoting your business via social media garners your online presence and a form of legitimacy which is appealing as well. You would often be coming across companies and individuals posting jobs on LinkedIn and communicating with ease.

How to use LinkedIn for Business Marketing?

With almost every single person out there active on social media, businesses and organizations have started using this point to their advantage and turned heads towards promotion via social media networking sites. If you are wondering how to get sales leads for free, you can utilize social media for your benefit.

Use LinkedIn for business marketing

Use LinkedIn for Business Marketing

According to surveys, it was measured that LinkedIn accounts for more than half of the business traffic generated via social media networking sites. This means that LinkedIn is not something to be undermined. If you are active on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter but not LinkedIn, you may be missing out on a lot of professional networking. Your LinkedIn Business profile is your gateway to demonstrating a professional outlook of yourself and the organization you work for. LinkedIn like other social media is available as a mobile app as well so you can stay connected on the go. LinkedIn possesses a wide array of analytics and marketing tools which can be availed beneficially.

Majority of business professionals, either tech-savvy or not; have profiles on LinkedIn and are connected to social media either through their computers or their cell phones. Many people who love reading online often also browse through LinkedIn articles to get updates in the professional sector and garner knowledge on new tactics for meaningful employment. Using LinkedIn for business purposes is no difficult task. If you are still unaware on how to create a business page on LinkedIn, worry no more. In this article, we will analyze how to use LinkedIn for marketing and offer you tips and guidance on availing some benediction from the LinkedIn platform as well.

Benefits of using LinkedIn

The foundation of LinkedIn was laid with the aim of connecting recruiters and potential employees to each other. People seeking jobs and employment were able to post their resumes (and still are) and get acquainted with recruiters and companies interested in hiring. The process continues even today, all companies inspect any prospective employee online primarily via LinkedIn and make several judgments based on the online presence.

But as with other social media networking sites, LinkedIn has also evolved from professional networking to business marketing as well. LinkedIn, with more than 400 million users, is a professional social media network that can boost the visibility and traffic of your website significantly. Companies and individuals both now gain traffic to the site using LinkedIn nowadays. It is a compelling social platform for B2B Marketers and potential clients.

How to Use & Generate Traffic from LinkedIn

Let’s read some benefits we get from using LinkedIn. We can gain from various methods on how to utilize LinkedIn to harvest some online traction and profits for your business:

1. Do you have a LinkedIn Account?

If not, create one here:

Create a Company Page on LinkedIn

If you are already on LinkedIn, good for you but in either case, if you are pondering on how to create a business page on LinkedIn, let me help you out. To create a Company Page, all you have to do is visit the top right corner of your homepage on LinkedIn and find the “Work” icon. Clicking the “Work” icon will give you a list of options including “Create a Company Page,” click on that option to get started. You need to enter your company name and choose a URL which you can use to mention for marketing purposes on websites, blogs, etc.

This is the direct link for creating a LinkedIn Company Page:

Create a Company Page on LinkedIn

Create a Company Page on LinkedIn

LinkedIn members and search engines will use this unique URL to find your page. The website URL along with a company description of up to 2000 characters is necessary to publish your Company page. No prior views are available and only when you publish the page does it go live on the LinkedIn website. Do not forget to review all the Company Page requirements and check the verification box to confirm you have the right to act on behalf of the company while creating the page, otherwise you will not be able to proceed further. Click “Get started” on the welcome screen to begin editing your Company Page. You can get a red error message if you have problems adding a Company Page.

Once you’ve created a Company Page, it is suggested that you share this information with other employees at your company. You can contact the Administration or Human Resources Department to spread the information within the company and also add additional admins to the page, in case an admin loses access to the page or leaves the company in the future. LinkedIn can’t provide Company Page admin information to members or replace or remove admins.

If you wish to start with LinkedIn from scratch and want to start with your business profile, no hurdles at all. Creating an individual business profile is also as fundamental as signing up on Facebook. You log in with the help of your email ID, and you fill in all your details as it has been instructed on the creation of a company page. Your profile picture should not be the funky type selfie you have uploaded on Facebook. It should be a professional headshot with a vague smile which exhibits you as a sober and proficient individual, active in your industry from a long time.

2. Create Connections on LinkedIn

Get Connected: So you have published your company page, start spreading the information in your company and your circle and encourage people to follow your page. Set a creative cover photo showcasing a positive image of your company or business and a unique display picture as well, most probably of your logo in a visible transparent form. Send invitation requests from your profile to miscellaneous professionals and join groups which are devoted to specific professional topics, mostly pertinent to the industry your business belongs to.

Create Connections on LinkedIn

LinkedIn has a relatively useful search feature which helps in finding people in your industry and in the industries you serve much better. So it will come off as rather easy when you are connecting with the relevant people and companies as well on LinkedIn. If you can afford, you can buy LinkedIn connections in different packages to get your networking list larger. All you will have to do is place the order and wait for the numerous invitation requests to arrive and start accepting them all.

That’s it. Voila, more than five hundred connections a day! Accepting the 500 connections is very easy since LinkedIn lets you accept multiple invitations together with a single click. The more you connect, the more you enhance your visibility and of your business as well. According to a recent survey, 76 percent of business executives check their LinkedIn on a daily basis and that all the Fortune 500 Companies are active on LinkedIn as well. That demonstrates the prominence of LinkedIn as a marketing platform.

3. Join Niche Groups on LinkedIn

Join Niche Groups on LinkedIn

Join Niche Groups on LinkedIn

Try to join and create groups as well. Some groups on LinkedIn have more than 500,000 members. You can ingeniously use this point to your advantage by connecting with people in those groups. You can post articles and links to your company website and engage in branding your company in the groups. There is a large audience active in those groups with whom you can be engaging with and direct back to your site. Creating groups is paramount for business owners. It also assists significantly in building an audience instead of LinkedIn which you may not have considered practically. You can gear your products and services to people from around the globe and earn customers online as well.

4. Schedule Posts on LinkedIn

As for any social media site or your own website in general, you need to schedule posts on LinkedIn as well so that you keep your business profile updated and running. This way, you can appear on the news feed of your connections on a regular basis and thereby increase LinkedIn profile views. A simple technique of increasing views is also by adding a LinkedIn button on your website and mentioning the link to your LinkedIn Company page on all your advertisements and company stationery as well such as letterheads, envelopes, and visiting cards.

5. Mention LinkedIn URL to the Advertisements, Emails & your Website

Print and social media advertisements contain the social media profile usernames and links, and it is only wise to include your LinkedIn business profile or company page link as well. The purpose of the LinkedIn platform is to enhance professional networking and thrive in the professional sector whichever industry it may pertain to, so use it to your advantage and mention the link everywhere.

You can generate traffic from LinkedIn to your blog or your website simply by mentioning the link everywhere as curiosity would bind people to click on the link and find out more. A lot of customers can be found online now as remote-based marketing is colossally in trending. Rarely would you come across someone who is traveling all the way to visit a company to get information. Facebook pages do not produce the same results as LinkedIn as recently according to a study by E-consultancy, “LinkedIn is now responsible for a staggering 64% of all visits from social media channels to corporate websites.”


6. Find out the LinkedIn Hacks

Browse for LinkedIn hacks and get yourself familiarized with topics such as how to publish a post on LinkedIn which is dynamic and competent enough to stand out and yield successful B2B LinkedIn promotion results. B2B is steadily moving online with a plethora of E-Commerce and trading sites springing up. Many large scale businesses are also now trading online. You can search for and connect with companies and customers directly and vice versa. B2C and B2B both have received a boost in progression with the aid of LinkedIn.

You can even Google the most basic questions such as “how to post an article on LinkedIn” or “how to post on LinkedIn” and gather a variety of tips. Blogging is also a good way; if you regularly publish articles on your LinkedIn Company page, it can significantly assist in optimizing your page better. While posting article links, you can include questions, statistics, and personal views as well, thereby compelling people to like, comment on or share your article. You can make use of LinkedIn Content Marketing by regularly publishing articles and posts. LinkedIn sponsored content is similar to how we pay for sponsored ads on Facebook.

7. Make use of Hashtags

Hashtags are prevalent on LinkedIn posts now too. Spending a little on this option will guarantee you views and customer engagement. Linked provides polls tool as well, aimed at breeding enthrallment among the audience. You can do this by for example by asking a trivia question which is answered in your blog or article. Polls, articles, posts, sponsored ads; all massively contribute to LinkedIn lead generation. Reaching your target audience is much more procurable on LinkedIn than on Facebook due to its useful filters. Your money will not be wasted on an unwanted audience.

B2B LinkedIn promotion

B2B LinkedIn promotion


LinkedIn is an influential tool for marketing and B2B as well as B2C businesses. Utilized effectively, it can guarantee you increased coverage and audience engagement online. Definitely not to be undervalued! So go ahead and garner some online professional level traction now via LinkedIn!

Author Bio: Andrew Lewis is an ardent individual writing blogs and articles for Best Assignment Writer website and aspires to be an environmental engineer and eventually work towards ecological sustainability.

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