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How to Create a Mailchimp Subscribe Form in WordPress

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Mailchimp is an email marketing and automation software. Mailchimp is a one-stop marketing tool to support you in managing and talking to your consumers, clients, and other stakeholders. It emphasizes good contacts, well-designed campaigns, and good data analysis.

Here is everything you need to know and use Mailchimp for WPForms.

How to construct a WordPress Subscription form for Mailchimp?

Step 1: Create a Mailchimp Subscribe Form in WordPress

Once Mailchimp is operational, you will build a new form in WPForms and add new forms.

Name your forms on the setup screen and pick the Registration Form Newsletter template.

To make any changes, click on the field. You can also drag the order form and click on the form field to change the order. The GDPR Agreement is one of the most crucial areas for adding to your registration form.

It explicitly enables your visitors to accept the storage and sending email marketing material for their personal information. It allows you to deactivate user cookies, deactivate user information like IP and User Agent data, and access your WordPress form field in the GDPR form.

You must go to WPForms > Settings, and tick the check box for GDPR enhancements to utilize the GDPR form field.

Step 2: Connect your form to Mailchimp

Go to Marketing and Mailchimp to link your newsletter registration form to Mailchimp.

Then click Add new connection. New connection. In the vital area, copy and paste your Mailchimp API Key.

Enter the name of the account according to your preferences and click Add.

After a click, a pop will appear, and a connection nickname will get entered. Then choose your Mailchimp account, select the email list to add to when subscribing.

Click the email address option and any additional form fields that you want when someone subscribes to your Mailchimp account. If your application is your form, allow for the conditional logic and double opt-in choice.

If this contact is in public already, you may label subscribers as VIP, update the profile and inform users of their sign-ups. Click save after setting these options.

Step 3: Configure your subscribe form notification

Notifications are an excellent way when you send an email to your subscription form. If you deactivate form notifications, you can send an email to yourself, which WPForms does automatically.

By entering their email to the E-mail address column, you may also send a notification to the staff person. If you utilize intelligent tags, you may even send a notification form to the site user to let them know they have received their form.

Step 4: Configure your Subscribe Form Confirmations

Confirmations are an excellent method to inform your website visitors that their forms get submitted quickly. You got messages. This sort of confirmation will display a short message after a site visitor submits their form to let them know that they have processed their form.

A display page can also get created. This sort of confirmation will send users to a specific web page. Finally, the URL that is essentially redirecting may get used. This last form of confirmation will lead users to another website.

Step 5: Add your Mailchimp Subscribe form to your Site

You need to add it to your website once you set up your Mailchimp subscription form. WPForms may also add your form to your blog articles, pages, and even to your sidebar widget in several locations.

Alternatively, the Embed Wizard may insert your form or utilize the block WPForms in your block editor.

You may embed the form in any method without providing any custom code. Open a page where your form will get displayed.

Now, click on the “+” icon in the block editor and look for the block WPForms. To enter the subscription form on this page, click on the WPForms Block and pick it.

WPForms + Mailchimp FAQ

Q1. Who has been using WPForms?

Ideal for owners, bloggers, developers, and company photographers. Use WPForms to build personalized WordPress forms.

Q2. What are the prerequisites for WPForms?

WPForms is a WordPress plug-in. WPForms can only get used on a WordPress site.

Q3. Why select the Email Marketing Service Mailchimp?

Mailchimp is a marketing and CRM application that is code-free and sophisticated. At zero cost, you may register for Mailchimp.


Download WPForms now

The automation of WordPress forms, as discussed in this piece, must be understood and used appropriately. The WordPress form for Mailchimp supports you to create a larger email list and expand your business.

To enable more visitors to subscribe to your email list and increase form conversions, try providing subscribers with a content upgrade in return for their email address.

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