Why do a Business needs to Archive Text Messages?

Archive Text Messages : Your Business Need

An essential feature that you must have for your business – whether you own a small venture or a big enterprise – should be a text message archiver. Believe it or not, but an archive can greatly benefit your company in more ways than one.

Many business owners choose to have a text message archiver for the same reason: security and reputation. It is essential in making sure that your company has its privacy in check and nothing goes out without a receipt, so to say. It also allows business owners to track the transactions and conversations that go on with their business to keep themselves updated.

However, it is also crucial in making sure that you can trace and produce text-based evidence for events that you are required to present them in court in certain cases – whether as a defendant, plaintiff, or just a witness. The presence of a text message archiver may just mean the difference between a lawsuit won and a lawsuit drastically lost.

With the data explosion in recent years, archiving has also come to the forefront as organizations search for a feasible solution that will help them maintain and produce different types of data without needing to augment their on-premise IT capabilities. This is especially important to industries that are not IT-focused and thus would want to not shift their resources and manpower into an aspect of their business that is secondary to their primary goals.

Nowadays, these implications have become much more pronounced as texting, chat apps, and smartphones have risen to be a common part of day-to-day operations of most business across different industries. In fact, it is almost unthinkable in today’s age to exclude this sort of technology, what with their many benefits for any company that uses them effectively. And to keep it in check, a text message archiver may just be your solution.


Archive Text Messages Regularly

Here are the key takeaways on the top reasons why your organization’s text messages need to get archived:

  1. Regulatory Compliance – “Almost all industries have some sort of regulatory compliance concerning the need for organizations to retain and produce content. These regulatory obligations often exist in industries like financial services, insurance, healthcare, energy, utilities, government, and life sciences. With that said, even organizations outside these sectors also have an obligation to retain and manage certain types of data such as financial documents, certain types of email correspondence, employee records, and communication with clients – including text messages and chats.”
  2. Supporting Court Case and eDiscovery – “Being involved in a legal action of some sort is the last thing that many business owners want to see happen, but in reality, it takes place a lot in the business landscape. Whether as a plaintiff, as a defendant, or as an interested third-part, companies and organizations can rely on archived information such as text messages in case they need to pursue a legal action or defend themselves from one.”
  3. End-User Self-Service – “Aside from regulatory compliance and being a requirement on litigations, another reason why companies must have an archiving process in place is the added benefit it provides to your employees. Archiving allows the people within your business to access older content without the need to store them on a live server or in the device’s storage.”
  4. Retention of Corporate Memory – “Having a mobile archiver in your business gives you the ability to retain relevant information to maintain an appropriate record of an organization’s history. As technology changes, ensuring that your communication data will remain secured and retrievable years from now is critically important.”


Learn more about why your organization’s text messages need to get archived with this infographic by TeleMessage.

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