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7 Ways to Print High-quality Images using Inkjet Printers

Inkjet printers are capable of producing a really high quality of images. There are a number of factors which play a pivotal role in producing such images. A few of these factors are the paper grade, original image resolution, printer capability and camera quality. Along with this, the specifications of the device, applications settings and also the maintenance of the hardware will also have an impact on the quality of the photos and the images which are printed from the printer. Below are a few of the ways that will guide a person to print high-quality images from an inkjet printer.


How to print high-quality Images from an Inkjet Printer?

1. Understand The Auto Fix Feature of the Printer

 Understand The Auto Fix Feature of the Printer

Most of the inkjet printers consist of an automatic fix feature that will analyze a particular image and adjust the different settings in a collective manner. This feature covers all the settings like brightness, gamma and contrast. It will also decide as to whether to apply the red-eye reduction or not. These automatic features will have a positive impact on the final image which is produced. Initially, you may not know how the automatic feature of the printer is going to behave. Therefore, it becomes important that you spend a little time in seeing how the feature performs and compare the output of the photos which are not utilizing the feature.


2. Utilize the Editing Features of the Inkjet Printer

Utilize the Editing Features of the Inkjet Printer

On the preview screens of your inkjet printer, you will be able to find a few of the options where you can edit the photos before hitting the print command. Over here you will find the options to crop the images and remove red eye effect. You will also be able to find options like adjusting the contrast and brightness, adding frames and graphics which are stored in the printer. All the editing features that are included with the printer must be explored.


3. Use the Best Quality Paper

 Use the Best Quality Paper

Using a good quality paper will naturally result in producing high-quality photos. Using a good quality paper is recommended for printing any of the photos that are used as a frame for hanging on the wall. However, it doesn’t mean that you always make use of high-quality paper as it would turn out to be a costly affair for you. For all those tasks where you can do away with a normal quality paper, it is better to use that.


4. Always Edit the Copies and Not The Originals

 Always Edit the Copies and Not The Originals

This is one aspect where most of the people commit errors. Instead of making any kind of changes to the original images, it is advised that you should create a copy of it first and then edit it. By doing this you will be able to return back to the original photo if you do not like the editing that you have done on the copy.  Also, creating a copy will enable you to work with it freely and not worry about the original one.


5. Follow the Maintenance of Your Inkjet Printer


Just like any other machine, a printer also requires maintenance after a certain time span of usage. The methods of performing maintenance will come with the printer A few of the common tasks like printer alignment and head cleaning can be performed through the control panel of the device. Along with these, you should also take care of your printer by performing a few of the common tasks. These include turning off the printer when not in use and installing all the latest firmware updates and the device drivers. All these updates can be downloaded directly from the official website of the printer.


6. Adjust the Print Speed & Resolution to the Highest

Adjust the Print Speed & Resolution to the Highest

You will be able to find the print speed control setting in the control panel of the printer. According to the quality of the print that is produced, you can make changes to the speed of the print. If the image colors are faded, decrease the print speed and increase it when the images are over saturated. Also, along with the print speed, you should also adjust the resolution settings of the printer to the highest that is possible. This is the dpi settings that can be adjusted from the control panel of the device.

7. Choose the Best Quality Inkjet Printer

Choose the Best Quality Inkjet Printer

Now along with the different changes that you can make in the settings of a printer, buying a high quality inkjet printer also has its own importance. There are a number of printer companies in the market that will deliver the best quality printer to you. It is recommended that you buy an inkjet printer that has a high resolution. Such a printer will deliver a high quality output to you.


In The End

All the points which are mentioned in this article will enable you to get top-notch print output from your printer. These are a few of the minor tweaks that can do wonder to the images which are produced. Following these are also not quite difficult. I hope that this article would prove to be a good source of information for all those people who get affected by the low quality of images produced by their inkjet printers.




Author Bio: Lance Clemons is the blogger by profession with 7 years of experience. He is associated with a Printzone an Online store for printer cartridges in Australia. He is an admirer of sharing his innovative ideas with others on the technology trends.

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