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Things to check before buying an Air Purifier?

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More and more people suffer from allergies. One of the most determining factors for these respiratory allergies is the quality of the air we breathe. On a global scale, as an individual, we cannot do much about a clean environment and clean air, but we can do this on a small scale. Like at home and at the office, thanks to an air purifier. Wouldn’t it be nice to take a walk in nature and breathe fresh, healthy air? Healthy air is not only refreshing; it is also beneficial for your health. That is why more and more people choose to install an air purifier in their homes. A high-quality and reliable air purifier filters polluted air, allergens, and bacteria from the air and allow you to breathe. What should you pay attention to when buying an air purifier?

To combat dust mites, mold and fungus, it is better to buy air purifiers, which in addition to the filter for air purification also have photocatalysis. Manufacturers produce models of devices with additional functions – a timer for automatic cleaning, air pollution sensors, hygrometers, night lights, and others. These parameters significantly affect the cost of air purifiers, so before buying it is better to determine their need and frequency of use.

Choosing an Air Purifier: Which techniques?

Air purifiers with mechanical filters are practically the most common type and have the simplest functionality. They remove the particles in the air, collect them by a fan and retain them on the filter materials. A healthy indoor climate, with the right temperature and humidity, is a basic requirement. Many people breathe unhealthy air and are therefore at risk of health problems, including in their own homes. An air purifier filters harmful particles from the air. But not all air purifiers work the same way.

Some air purifiers only have an ionizer. Ionization is a technique for rendering undesirable substances, such as pollen, mold and cigarette smoke, harmless.

There is an unverified (rather, incorrect) opinion that harmful substances, bacteria, and allergens are positively charged (neutral – in fact), and therefore attract anions reproduced by ionizers and form small clusters of particles. Particles thus become heavier, fall down and can no longer get into the lungs of a person and become pathogens of infections.

Most air purifiers also have one or more filters. The different filters stop different particles before the air purifier blows out the air drawn in again. Some filters are permanent and require regular cleaning, while others are replaceable. Some types of filters that are often used in air purifiers are pre-filters, carbon filters, and extremely fine-mesh HEPA filters.

In the filtering air purifiers, the air is cleaned of dust, seeping through the filter element. These are the most effective and efficient devices that use HEPA and carbon filters for air filtration, which require periodic replacement. The launch of new air purifiers has recently begun with low-cost HEPA and high-carbon charcoal filters and extra-low operating costs.

HEPA filters have an even larger absorbent surface than the previous one. It consists of microfiber filter sheets. HEPA filters are very effective, guarantee excellent functionality and even retain very small particles on the order of 0.3 microns. They are best suited for allergy sufferers.

Combination for optimal effect

A solid air filter that ensures absolutely healthy indoor air, consists of various techniques and filters. The six successive filters together purify the following parts from the indoor air: dust particles, pollen, hair, bacteria, allergens, viruses, odors, and formaldehyde. Then very fast electrons, which break down and remove bacteria, are spread in the air.

From the list of top air purifiers, each model has a specific power, it is necessary to understand which model is most suitable for us, based on the size of the space to be purified. So if you are going to buy an air purifier, it is always advisable to be aware of the square footage to which the product should respond. Directly proportional to the power, there is the electrical consumption of the device. An air purifier with a HEPA filter consumes a few Watts. Instead, an air purifier with UV filter, ionization or combustion can consume a hundred watts.

The functionality of the device and the maximum service area are important. Better if it is 20-30% more than the footage of the room. After all, an effective device should not only eliminate pollution but also have sufficient performance, such that in an hour of operation in minimum power mode pump 2-3 volumes of room air.

As every one of us has individual requirements, the option of an air purifier ought to be manufactured with the desired effect at the results. The hair of pets has an irritating section of 10 Micrometre and is barely visible to the naked eye. The important parameter here is not the number of cleaning steps, but productivity. The area of the filter element itself also plays a role – the larger it is, the longer the cleaner will last without its own cleaning, otherwise, the wool will quickly clog it.

If you are a smoker then the coal filter air purifier might not be beneficial for you because the smoke and tobacco burnt flakes should have to be absorbed not purified, and this is almost not valid in coal filter purifiers. There Air Purifiers with HEPA Filters will be helpful but they would need high maintenance due to the burnt flakes can block the filter. Keep in mind that spending your money in the wrong filter would be waste for sure.

Air purifiers are also helpful in preventing the smoke and smells of the kitchen. The kitchen exhaust works well but still, the smell and odors don’t go sometimes and there Air Purifiers come handy. Whether you cook or your neighbors do, the odors and smoke can disturb you. In these situations, the carbon filters appear as the best choice because they absorb the odors and filthy particles. There is a fan that pulls these filthy particles, pet hair, or other particles towards the filter and then the filtration system does its work.

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