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How to Recover Photos from Formatted Camera Memory Card

Top Tips through which you can recover your lost photos

Numerous reasons of data loss

Photos are once in lifetime memories and the person who is in them can only know the importance of it. Those who use photos as a profession, it can literally be a disaster. All camera devices have their own internal memory space and SD cards or memory card where the photos get stored. A single corruption in the internal or external storage media can lead to data loss that means loss of all your memorable photos. If you are the one who accidentally lost your photos then do not worry you can still get them back to you, even if you have formatted your storage media. There are many reasons of data loss in storage devices such as virus attack, accidentally formatting, etc.

Things You Should do after Photo Loss

It is very often that a camera memory or memory card gets corrupt or formatted. You must know that after deletion or format, it is possible that you can recover your photos from your camera and memory card. Photo loss occurs in a storage medium because of any reason, and you can use camera recovery software and get complete photos by some simple processes. Always remember that when any kind of deletion occurs, it just removes the reference of their position, and next photo will be overwritten on it. Whenever you accidentally lost your photos never add any other photo on it before recovery, it will reduce the chances of recovery due to overwriting.

Options for Photo Recovery

There are some manual restore options in the operating systems by which you can recover your lost photos from hard disk, internal memory or flash memory, etc. but these methods are not 100% useful every time. For any type of photo loss recovery from flash storage media or internal storage, professional tools are the best way.

Photo recovery software

To recover your photos you can use photo recovery software available in the market that recover lost photos from camera, mobile and computer. You just need to install these software and follow some simple instructions given. They have very user-friendly interface so you do not require any training to use them. Just buy a good and reputed photo recovery software  and take your all photos back to you.

Reasons of storage media corruption

There are several reasons of storage media corruption and many of them are not even in your hand so that you can avoid. However, some of them are avoidable, which can reduce the chances of photo loss in your memory card or external or internal storage device.

Memory card formatting

Do not format your Memory card in the computer regularly, it can corrupt it and can be a cause of data loss. Always format the flash storage media in their respective devices as all of them has that option.Try to avoid to do wrong operations with your camera’s flash memory cards or internal memory such as format, deletion, etc.

Low battery

Avoid to take pictures when your camera shows ‘Low Battery’.Always take care of power supply or battery when camera is running as any kind of sudden power cut can lead data loss in the internal memory or SD card.

 Use reputed company’s flash drives

Always use a reputed company’s flash drives such as Olympus, Panasonic, Sony, San Disk, Kingston, Laxer, etc.

Memory card removal or changing

Do not remove memory card when it is running in camera or transferring any data to the computer.Do not change your memory card while camera is on running mode.

Good antivirus

You must install a good antivirus in your device so that the maximum virus based corruption can be avoided.Keep scanning your camera and memory cards or any other storage devices by a good anti-virus, it will increase the security from viruses, malwares or spywares.

Major 5 Errors in Storage Devices that Cause Data Loss

‘Internal memory of the camera is crashed ‘

If the internal memory of your camera is crashed because of any sudden operation then it may lead to data loss.

‘Restore Factory’

If you press the ‘Factory Restore’ option in your camera, it turns the camera to its original settings. In this process, you will lose your complete photos and other media files stored in its internal memory.

‘Card Not Initialized’

This problem may takes place due to many reasons such as dirt on the media, Camera or memory card may be formatted abnormally. You can format the memory media to solve this issues, always store the data in any another place before format.

‘Card is not formatted. Do you want to format it now?’

When the data stored in a flash memory card becomes RAW, it shows such error. The data become inaccessible and if you click on yes button, it will format your SD card and all data will be lost. However, in the RAW condition the photos are not accessible.

 ‘Write protected’ Error Message

SD cards and SDHC cards consist of a feature called ‘lock’ and you can view from the front. If the switch is in the lower or bottom position, it means that the card is in locked position and ‘Write Protected’ error means that you cannot write any new data to the card. To ‘Unlock’ the card you can slide the switch upward and can use it to store and thing on it. It is not a data loss error but at times, people get panic to see it, as they do not know about the switch button.

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